Supply Chain Station reviews Day 3 of the CSCMP 2015 conference

Day 3 at the CSCSMP 2015 conference (which concluded at 12 noon) began with a couple of so-called “Mega cscmp logoSessions” which last approximately 90 minutes and are dedicated to specialist topics. One session was geared towards motivation techniques while the other focused on supply chain initiatives at the Port of Los Angeles, aimed at improving container flow.

The Port of LA Peel-off program

One of the topics highlighted during this Mega-session was a new program that Port of LA has introduced called its “Peel-off” program. This program provides a facility whereby containers can be unloaded from a ship and placed in a huge stack portside. They are then immediately collected and shifted to an off-dock temporary storage location about 1 mile distant from the terminal. From here another team of drivers collect the consignment and take them away on the journey to their final destination. This program is one which benefits large volume importers.

Free Flow Apps from Cargomatic Technology

Another aspect of the initiatives presented was the provision of special Apps by a company called Cargomatic Technology.  These Apps can be utilized by medium sized importers to aggregate the volumes of consignments to help speed-up the free flow of containers. The Apps are used to track and manage containers which are offloaded and stacked dockside as with the Peel-off program; but instead of belonging to one large importer, a stack includes containers belonging to numerous importers.

End to end port activity optimization

Another topical subject for the Port of LA management is the fact that there are so many different entities involved in freight moving activities; various companies with various responsibilities within their own supply chains. Each of these entities pursues their own interests and agendas. It means that businesses often impede the overall operation of the Port in favor of their own priorities and it’s something that the Port management authority will be addressing in incremental stages in coming months.

Innovation awards

The innovation awards are always significant occasions and the runner up this year was a team of two companies called Lennox International and Tools Group who combined forces to create a new approach to demand planning and forecasting which involves a self-learning and correcting philosophy.

Top prize was won by the company we indicated in our Day 2 review who were in a strong position to carry off the accolade; Ontario Liquor Control Board won the award for the design and implementation of their innovative automatic case palleting system.

Rail Demurrage Charges

One subject of controversy for many supply chain managers is the introduction of rail demurrage charges following a new interpretation of the rules whereby many businesses are now being hit heavily with charges for handling and storing carriage consignments levied by rail carriers. It is having a significant impact on supply chain costs; costs which have not been anticipated or taken into account. It’s something that will be a topic for hot discussion across the supply chain industry in coming weeks.

 The new ruling by NLRB regarding temporary worker benefits

Another topic of hot discussion at this year’s CSCMP conference was the new ruling by NLRB that states that temporary workers should be given certain rights such as health care costs. It’s thought that this ruling, if enforced, might prevent many employers from taking on temporary workers because it’s something that would again impact heavily on supply chain costs.

The CSCMP Meal Packing Event

One special event that took place on Sunday was the CSCMP meal packing event whereby 250 volunteers took part in an exercise to pack up 45,000 ready meals that were to be distributed to the poor and needy.

CSCMP also raised $75,000 for the American Logistic Aid Network, with a notable donation of $50,000 being given by Amazon.

Next year’s CSCMP conference

The CSCMP 2015 conference proved to be an excellent event, one that contributes strongly to supply chain innovation. Next year’s event is due to take place in September in Orlando.

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