A very Merry Christmas from Supply Chain Station to all our followers

Christmas comes but once a year and when it comes it brings great cheer. Bearing that in mind, here is a whimsical little “ditty” to reflect on the festive season, without totally forgetting the blood, sweat and tears that go into keeping our global supply chains running smoothly all year round, enabling us to eat, drink, and celebrate this wonderful time of year.

The supply chain Christmas ditty

Twas the night before Christmas, a time to relax,
Unless your names Santa, when you must work to the max,
Driving that sleigh cross the world is a pain,
But drive it you must, to complete the supply chain

The sleigh is tradition but not easy to steer
Especially when you’ve drunk too much beer
Suppers of mince pies and Sherries galore
Will widen your waistline till it won’t stretch no more

Getting Santa updated is what we need to do
To deliver those presents with less hullabaloo
Scrap present lists instead order by phone,
And how about gifts being delivered by drone?

One day well have the Internet of Things,
When Santa and reindeer won’t need to have wings,
Climbing down chimneys will be in the past,
Delivering by courier will arrive at long last

A Santa supply chains what we need to achieve,
Robots not Elves is the thought to conceive,
From factory to home in a fast easy way,
Perfect procurement, well get there one day

A time of great peace and much merriment,
Is what Christmas is about and it’s time so well spent,
Turkey and Goose roast potatoes and wine,
Supply chain forgotten as we tuck in dine

But spare a wee thought for those robot Elves,
Who man the supply chains with no thought for themselves,
Straining and toiling throughout the long year,
So we can get rat-assed on sherry and beer

When Christmas is over we approach the New Year,
Still feeling festive with plenty of cheer,
A New Year’s resolution is what you must make
Once made you must keep it and make no mistake

Supply chain best science is all very well
But Christmas must still weave its magical spell
Santa and Rudolph or supply chain and drone,
Let’s stick with tradition and not lower the tone

There you have it. From us here at Supply Chain Station, we wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy New Year.

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