Privacy Policy

The privacy policy that we operate, and the trust that we extend to others are of crucial importance to us. By publishing this policy we intended to ensure that the expectations of others, and the practices by which we operate, are compatible. The intended result will be the fact that you are made completely aware of the choices you have with regard to the use and disclosure of any information you may provide us with here at Supply Chain Station.

Supply Chain Station’s privacy policy outlines the policy of Supply Chain Station of (Digital Next Network) with regard to the collection, the disclosure, the protection, and the use of the various types of information, including:

  • Any information accessed by you during your visit to our website.
  • Any information that you obtain from the Supply Chain Station website by corresponding via email.

Please note that our privacy policy does not relate to any information we obtain by other means, (this includes off-line means), including information that we gain from other sources. You should note that by using our site voluntarily you are accepting our privacy policy, and that you are hereby giving your consent to any action that we feel it may be necessary to take with regard to your information in accordance with our privacy policy.

You should please note that the terms stated within this privacy policy may be amended from time to time. It is therefore recommended that visitors to our website should review our privacy policy from time to time. Should you revisit our website subsequent to the terms within this privacy policy being amended, site re-visitations shall be taken as acceptance of said changes.

The information you supply us – what is collected and how it is collected

The Supply Chain Station website requires you to provide us with specific information about yourself when you register, or when you request any information about our products and/or services. You may also be asked to provide information should you participate in any competitions, or take part in any market research that we undertake, or if you offer any information for posting to our website, (in forums, on message boards, by way of comments or blogs etc.). The information that we collect to identify you may include:

  • Your name
  • Your postal address
  • Your telephone number
  • Your fax number
  • Your email address
  • The name and address of your employer
  • The industry your employer operates within
  • Your job title
  • Your job function
  • Preferential purchasing information

Please note that if you apply for any chargeable services, we will also require your credit card information. Please also note that should we collect any information for identification purposes, you will be made aware that we are doing so, and you have a right to abort before you supply any such details.

You should also be aware that when you visit the Supply Chain Station website that we will collect the IP address of your computer. This will be used in order to identify your computer or device, and to track how you use our website. In doing so, please be aware that we may use cookies and clear GIFs. Your browser may make you aware of this and offer you the option of blocking their use. However, if you do so, please be aware that this may compromise your experience when you visit certain sections of our website. Clear GIFs are used to record how you use our website. They are not used to record any personal identification information other than site navigation and use.

Please be aware that any information included on our website, (and this includes advertising material), may be used by third parties approved by us. Typical use of this information is given for analytical purposes in terms of how you use our website; and whether or not you respond to email communications and if so, in what manner. It may also be used to collect certain data to facilitate presenting advertisements or other information that it is believed will be of interest to you on both the Supply Chain Station website, and the websites of others. The use of the information collected by any third parties will be subject to those individual third parties’ privacy policies. If you wish to opt out of your information being used by third parties, contact the administration department at the Supply chain Station website.

How we use the information about you that we collect

For your information, we may use the personal information we collect about you on the Supply Chain Station website in the following ways:

  • To facilitate your use of the Supply Chain Station website, and its products and/or services
  • To communicate with you and advise you about any amendments to our website
  • To notify you of any impending expiration or alterations with regard to your account, your credit cards, and any products or services you may have signed up for.
  • To facilitate invoicing and the receipt of payments
  • For any purposes consented to at the time your information was collected
  • For any other purposes to which you have subsequently consented
  • Any other specifics described in the supply chain Station privacy policy

Any information about you and how you navigate our site may be used to better appreciate how users use our site with a view to improving the visitor experience. This may include determining which areas of the site are most regularly visited in relation to the demographics of overall visiting traffic. This information can also be used to facilitate the customization of visitor experience. IP addresses could also be used in order to investigate problems relating to our servers, and our site administration. IP addresses may also be noted in terms of gathering information as to how the visitor is using the website in any specific visit. This information could then be used for the purposes of Supply Chain Station communicating with you. Such communications could comprise of emails, newsletters, and other offerings. Any newsletters you receive by email will incorporate an opt-out link should you wish to opt out of receiving future issues. Any promotions that you receive will also incorporate opt-out links. From time to time it is possible that your information could be used by us to communicate other offers or services to you on behalf of approved third-parties

If we disclose your information – who we disclose it to and when

We reserve the right to disclose bulk, anonymous, statistics with regard to users, without any in restriction, only on the understanding that no individual personal information is identifiable, except in the following circumstances:

  • Your name (business name, if appropriate, and your job title, (but omitting any contact detail information), for use in Supply Chain Station circulation lists, or with regard to website membership, but which cannot be used in any other way
  • Where third parties have been engaged in order to provide certain services as contracted, where the personal identification information is kept strictly confidential, and can only used for the services contracted
  • Areas of the Supply Chain Station website may display premium or sponsored information. This information is available to users on the understanding we might share some of the registration information with the sponsors and advertisers (and their service providers) of these areas.
  • Some of third parties (and their service providers) may use this information to advertise their products/services, but only under contractual obligations, one of which is to keep any personal identification information strictly confidential, and that it will be used only for their third party advertising activities.
  • Following an asset sale, a consolidation, a restructuring, or if Supply Chain Station goes into liquidation
  • If we are required to disclose such information by law, or through some other security transfer requirement, or in order to protect a person or a property
  • If disclosure becomes necessary for the purpose against which you provided it.
  • To any affiliate members associated with Supply Chain Station, where purpose of use is consistent with our privacy policy

About Supply Chain Station security

We take all reasonable precautions in order to protect any personal identification information that we collect and store. We intend to safeguard it from any unauthorized access, unauthorized disclosure, unauthorized modification, or unauthorized use. We also undertake to protect this information to the best of our ability but in view of the existence of Internet crime beyond our control, we cannot offer any guarantees that communications between outside parties and our servers will not be intercepted by any third parties.

Your right to access and update any information you have supplied to Supply Chain Station

You have the right to access and update any information you have previously supplied to Supply Chain Station. Access is available through our newsletters or the registration page of the Supply Chain Station website, or by making direct contact with us by email. You should however note that any intent to change information may not be permissible if the request conflicts in any way with specific legal requirements, or results in the erroneous updating of records. Please note that any requests to access or update personal information could take a number of days to action.

External links to non-Supply Chain Station and/or affiliated websites

The Supply Chain Station website may from time to time incorporate external links to websites that are operated by third parties. Please note that Supply Chain Station has no control over these third party or affiliated websites and that the Supply Chain Station privacy policy does not extend to these sites. We recommend that you refer directly to the third party website private policies yourself.

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